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27 November 2022

The best plant for every room in the house

House Plants


Besides your bedroom, the living and/or dining room is probably where you’re going to spend the most time, and the room where your friends and family are mostly going to be. The living room is the perfect place for those larger plants that can live in a pot on the floor next to the couch, TV unit or tucked away into a corner.

For this room, we recommend a rubber tree, philodendron, peace lily or bird of paradise. 


Want to nail that kitchen aesthetic? Add a plant! Plants that live in the kitchen will need to be able to withstand higher temperatures than the rest of the house and deal with humidity so make smart choices. 

We think potted herbs on the windowsill are always super cute and makes for easy garnish to top off your dinners or a nice fern on the bench. 

House plants


The bedroom is your space, the place you go when you need to destress and unwind and you want the vibes in there to reflect an air of zen and are also low maintenance. You don’t want to go overboard with plants in the bedroom, so we recommend one or two tops.

Check out aloe vera, snake plants or some ivy for a touch of green in the bedroom. 


Okay you might think it’s weird having a real life plant in the bathroom or laundry instead of a cheap plastic one from Kmart or Target but just stay with us on this! Bringing some greenery will help purify the air and bring some softness into what can sometimes be a harsh space. 

We recommend getting an orchid, spider plant or peperomia to add a splash of life into these spaces. 

Bonus tip? Add a little succulent display to your coffee table for a little bit more greenery in your space.

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