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Open today: 10am–6pm


Visitthe Kathmandu website02 4216 5339

Open today: 10am–6pm

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Store location - Shop number C13 See centre map

About Kathmandu

The philosophy of Kathmandu is truly inspirational:  

Outside is where we come alive. It liberates us, challenges us, revives us, surprises us. We think it brings out the best in us.

That’s why we want to encourage more people to get out there and enjoy it, too. We believe being outdoors is transformative. Science has proven it changes our brains for the better. When we’re out there, our stress goes down, our empathy goes up, we become more creative, and feel happier. Nature makes us open, free, and fun. Who doesn’t want to be that? Out there is the only place in the world that changes the way you see the world. Trust us, we’d know. We’ve been here for over 30 years.

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