Friday Finds - Men's Casual Sneakers

Welcome to another edition of Friday Finds! This week we focus on Mens Casual Sneakers! However in saying that, anyone can wear these shoes, so ladies, this ones for you too. 

Our first find are these 'Thyme Old Skool Vanns'. These are from Roadhouse and come in a multitude of colours including Navy, White, Black and even two toned options such as black and blue. These are full price at $129.99, but telling you from experience, they are super comfortable and worth every penny! 

From Roadhouse we head into Platypus for our next find! These Adidas Swift Run X in Scarlet are the perfect Athleisure shoe. Super comfortable for those days you have a million errands to run and therefore a million steps to walk. They are also down to $60 from $160! That is what we call a bargain.

Now, if the Adidas Swift Run's weren't bright enough for you and you prefer something that is a bit more of a statement, then this one is for you. These Kawhi X Jolly Rancher Basketball shoes from New Balance are the perfect statement piece for your wardrobe. They are limited edition and are down to $180 from $280.

Lastly we wanted to include a classic. The Hi Top Black and White Chucks. These iconic shoes are from Converse and are full price at $120, However Converse currently has a promotion of 50% off your second item (Excl. Core Products), meaning you could buy these and grab a hoodie for 50% off! 

Tune in next week for another edition of Friday finds, read our past editions here or tag us in your own Friday Finds on Instagram and go into the running to win a Centre Gift Card! 

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